Design curtain facades and skylights

Design ventilated facades and joinery

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Repair curtain walls, skylights and joinery


Our company offers specialized consulting and design SERVICES mainly for curtain walls, skylights, ventilated facades, but also for carpentry (doors, windows), glass & metal canopies and railings.
For final owners or/and entrepreneurs: we can choosing the optimal solutions according to the requirements of each project but also with the norms and standards which are in use today; preparation and verification of the preliminary documents that are necessary in order to obtain real price offers from the manufacturing companies, in accordance with the requirements of the beneficiary / contractor; the possibility of carrying out expertise in various stages of the project, at the request of the beneficiary or main contractor, in order to determine the quality of execution on-stie done by the assembling companies.
For the manufacturing or assembling companies: elaboration and verification of the documents that are necessary for the execution and installation on-site of the parts (windows, doors, showcases, curtain walls, skylights, ventilated facades, etc.) within the carpentry board of the projects to be realized; realization of the design for curtain walls and skylights, verified and approved by the certified verifier which is authorized by the competent institutions in Romania.

Achieved projects